Rise and whine: Sleep-deprived Australians wake up grumpy, global data reveals

Australia’s sleepiest city is Launceston.

With a population of 106,153 (ABS 2010 figures), the riverside city in northern Tasmania has had the best sleep quality for 2017 so far, according to data sought by Fairfax Media from Sleep Cycle, an alarm clock app on smartphones that enables people to track their sleep.

The worst city for sleep quality? Rockingham, the Western Australia city south-west of Perth.

Overall, Australians’ mood when waking up ranked 83rd out of the 91 countries tracked, coming in at 57.42 per cent. Mood is tracked by users self-reporting┬átheir mood when they wake up.

Venezuela in South America had the best mood upon wake-up (73.69 per cent). Japan reported the worst mood, with users disclosing 48.03 per cent mood quality upon waking.

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