GitHub’s nerdy new feature could make your devices and apps faster, more secure

Commonly used devices and software will benefit from performance improvements — such as fewer crashes, increased battery performance, and more up-to-date security patching — if a new feature in one of the world’s most popular software development tools gains widespread adoption and traction.

GitHub, which builds a product that rivals Australian golden child start-up Atlassian’s Bitbucket software development platform, unveiled a suite of new features that will make the internet safer and software developers’ lives less stressful at its GitHub Universe 2017 conference on Wednesday in the United States (Thursday morning Australian time).

While many features will not be of interest to mainstream consumers, one will be.

Called the “dependency graph”, it ensures that developers whose code is dependant on other, open source projects are given the chance to update their work immediately whenever a security breach, bug or performance issue is uncovered.

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