Send complainers to the end of the queue, says NBN director

People who complain to media about not being able to get connected to the national broadband network should be sent to the back of the connection queue, according to NBN Co non-executive director Michael Malone.

Mr Malone  —  founder of internet service provider iiNet, which was acquired by TPG in 2015 — was referring to “NBN Service Class 0” customers. Thousands of them, who live in NBN-ready areas but are unable to be connected, are stuck in limbo and often left without internet.

“If I was running NBN and they [complaining Service Class 0 customers] went to the media, I would put them to the back of the queue. Personally, that’s what I would do,” Malone said in an exclusive interview, adding that Service Class 0 issues would all get resolved and that people should be patient.

“iiNet used to get 20,000 support calls a day and very few ended up on the front page,” Mr Malone said.

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