‘They don’t give a f—‘: NBN director blasts ISPs for poor speeds

Australian internet service providers that complain about the fee they have to pay per megabit for access to the national broadband network don’t care about consumers or quality of service, according to NBN Co non-executive director Michael Malone.

The founder of ISP iiNet, which was acquired by TPG in 2015, said in an exclusive interview with Fairfax Media that providers were not provisioning enough internet traffic for users to have an enjoyable internet experience, and were to blame for slow speeds across the nation.

“The reason they [telcos] are moaning is that they are price fighting,” Malone said of ISPs. “They don’t give a f— about the quality of service.”

Malone said that media needed to “be careful about who they speak to” in the industry when it came to the ISP sector complaining about effectively being taxed for internet traffic.

Read the full article on the Sydney Morning Herald website


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