Tinder ‘minus the sleaze-factor’ launched by ex-caravan salesmen

Ever seen an attractive or interesting-looking person and wished you could break the ice not by actually introducing yourself to them in person — because who has the energy and effort required to do that in the 21st century — but by looking them up on an app to see if they use it and then connecting with them that way?


Well, that’s the genesis behind a new app designed by Melbourne business partners and former caravan salesmen Justin Borg, 28, and Matthew Kalandos, 30. Spota is a “social discovery” service which enables, according to Mr Borg, a “fun way for people to connect to other people they see in real life”.

The app, launched on Friday for iOS and Android, allows users to connect with people in their immediate vicinity by letting users view and like other Spota users within 100 metres and send an icebreaker question to connect. Responding to an icebreaker unlocks the friendship, enabling users to chat.

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