Revealed: what Domino’s Pizza (and maybe their hacker) knows about you

Since February 2, 2011, I’ve ordered from Domino’s Pizza on 60 separate occasions.

My favourite pizza? BBQ chicken and rasher bacon, of which I ordered 96 servings.

I also ordered 72 Belgian chocolate lava cakes (the timing of which, unsurprisingly, corresponds with weight gain I have since thankfully reversed); four “battered bananas”; nine 1.25L Cokes; 12 cheesy garlic breads; and much more which I am too embarrassed to share.

How do I know all this? From cataloguing each purchase? No, of course not (but maybe I should have). It’s because this is the data Domino’s has stored about me.

And you know who else might know about my evening snacking habits? Hackers.

Based on what is currently “known” to Domino’s, it “believes” that only a “small part” of the total information it stores about customers was “accessed” by hackers.

For the first time, Domino’s has revealed that store names you ordered from, customer order names (if provided), and customer email addresses for orders were accessed as part of the breach that Fairfax Media first reported on in October, when Domino’s revealed it had been subjected to a breach that resulted in customers receiving spam emails.

Read the full article on the Sydney Morning Herald website


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