I drove eight hours to eat a burrito and see the future of autonomous drone food delivery

In the not-too-distant future, your food delivery order could be dispatched by drone, removing the need for a driver and car and instead requiring a pilot to oversee it and other drone deliveries.

On Thursday, I hired a car and headed 300 kilometres south-west of Sydney to Royalla, a rural town on the border of NSW and the ACT, to take a gander at what Google sister company X has been doing with Project Wing; a division building delivery drones and working towards the day when the aircraft can “deliver everything from consumer goods to emergency medicine”.

The journey down, given the usual congestion on the Eastern Distributor, took me about four hours (eight hours return, with a 45-minute nap on the way back).

And for what?

The promise of a tasty burrito — a mini-sized one, mind you — delivered from a nearby Guzman y Gomez Mexican food truck using a Project Wing drone. Propelled by two horizontal and 12 vertical engines in a mish-mash of helicopter and aeroplane design, the tiny machines can service areas up to 10 kilometres away and cut delivery times by making a bee-line for their destinations.

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