At $60 a week, this is one of Australia’s most expensive gym subscriptions

Anyone who’s friends with me knows that I can’t stand living without a gym.

Given I travel a fair bit for work as a technology journalist (see disclosure page), I try to workout as often as I can when I’m in my home country to make the most out of my $35.95 per week Virgin Active Pitt Street Mall subscription (not sponsored).

For a clean towel on arrival, tack on an extra $3 per week, making it $38.95 per week.

Anyone who’s compared gym subscriptions ( have) will know that Virgin is the most expensive gym in Australia – and for good reason. While they aren’t 24-hour gyms, they are fully staffed and cleaned regularly.

The main drawcard is probably the classes, of which Virgin offers dozens of most days.

But now it’s offering an even more expensive gym in Sydney’s new CBD hub, Barangaroo.

It costs…are you ready? $60 per week on a twelve-month plan or $75 per week on a casual (cancel at any time) membership.

It’s pretty much double or triple most gym subscriptions.

In case you were wondering, Melbourne’s Crown Casino has a $425 per month spa with gym facilities while F45 and CrossFit are also quite exy.

Virgin Active’s Barangaroo gym appears to be based on a model very similar to what Equinox offers in the US, of which I signed up to for about three months recently when I was regularly in the US.

Equinox’s whole motto is “It’s not a gym… it’s a lifestyle”.

What’s on offer at Barangaroo, I hear you ask? Ready for the biggest wank you’ve ever heard?

“The design is crafted around the seven dimensions of wellness with natural and sustainable finishes, biophilia to improve air quality and intelligent lighting aligned with your circadian rhythm. Music is our foundation. Enjoy a soundscape on daily rotation taking you on a mood enhancing audio journey.”

Yes, choreographed lighting…

The gym itself has dedicated, immersive studios, personalised gear up and pre/post game zones and staggered class start times.

From speaking to a PT at the Pitt St Mall gym in Sydney, Barangaroo is a much smaller gym designed primarily around classes. So if you’re a gym junkie who likes to workout on their own, Barangaroo might not be for you.

The locker rooms are, according to Virgin Active, 5-star hotel grade amenities with bath and workout towels available.

Some other interesting things on offer at Virgin Active Barangaroo include:

  • Complimentary juices, protein shakes and eucalyptus scented face towels after every workout;
  • Phone chargers in every locker;
  • GHD hair straighteners;
  • Dyson supersonic hairdryers; and
  • A Dyson Supersonic Blow Dry Bar every Thursday and Friday evening.

You’ll also get a Lululemon bag, quick wraps and a glass water bottle when you sign up.

The Barangaroo Virgin Active gym opens on March 26. There’s no sign-up fee, for now.

I think I’m going to try it out. According to Virgin, there’s a fourteen-day cooling-off period, so you can cancel after 14-days if you don’t want to continue with the twelve-month plan. You can also transfer from another Virgin Active gym without having to pay a cancellation fee.

It’s worth noting that if you have a membership at another Virgin Active Club, you won’t be able to go to Barangaroo. But if you have a Barangaroo subscription, you will be able to go to other Virgin gyms (as long as it’s not more than 50% more than your home gym within a three-month period or so).

Although this isn’t sponsored, I do have a referral code (I think it gives me a free month or something): gym do you go to and why? Leave a comment below!

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