Russian router spies: what you can do to protect your home internet

Some troubling news was issued this week, with the the Australian, US and British governments issuing joint warnings about alleged Russian state-sponsored actors maliciously targeting routers and modems around the world, including in Australia.

Blink and you would’ve missed it.

In a press conference about the activity on Tuesday, Defence Minister Marise Payne said the Australian Cyber Security Centre believed potentially 400 Australian companies were targeted.

The US said targets included “primarily government and private-sector organisations, critical infrastructure providers, and the Internet service providers (ISPs) supporting these sectors”

The warnings serve as a reminder that often-neglected routers — those devices that glue computer networks together and also often connect them to the internet as well— can be a key, weak entry point into the home and business networks of millions of Australians, not just by state-sponsored actors, but by hackers looking to take over your home network.

Read the full story on the Sydney Morning Herald website

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