I read a bunch of popular companies’ privacy policies to find out how (and why) they monitor your data

Telcos and airlines collect our web browsing histories and sell our location data. TV companies gather our viewing histories to target us with personalised ads. Banks collate our transaction histories. Transport companies collect our calendars and address books.

Why? Sometimes they claim it’s to offer a better service. Other times, they sell it to whoever will buy it.

And while many of these big companies provide ways to opt-out of sharing our data with others, you’ll often only discover these opt-outs by reading through the fine print and legalese of their privacy policies.

If you already know how big companies track you, and what they do with your data, stop reading now. But if you’d like to understand the privacy policies of several household Australian consumer companies, read on …

Read the full article at Crikey.com.au (paywalled but you can sign up for a free trial)

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