This algorithm says I’m aggressive, irresponsible and unattractive. But should we believe it?

On July 26 at 3.31pm I received my results for the equivalent of a psychometric test, only they were based not on hundreds of questions to determine my traits but simply a photograph of yours truly.

The picture, taken in May 2015 by Fairfax Media photographer James Brickwood, was fed into an algorithm developed by academic Dr Niels Wouters, from the University of Melbourne, built to analyse and judge people to predict their characteristics (the lowlights and highlights).

It’s the same technology some governments and law-enforcement agencies use around the world to determine whether you might be a potential terrorist, psychopath or murderer.

According to the algorithm, I looked male (correct), 29 years old (incorrect; I was 24 at the time) and caucasian (correct).

But far worse, the algorithm said — with a confidence level of 98 per cent — that my “aggressiveness” level was “high” and my responsibility and attractiveness levels were “low” (with 98 per cent and 51 per cent confidence respectively).

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