Rise of Troye Sivan: a global superstar on honesty, stardom and his own #metoo moment

Troye Sivan is playing therapist. For better or worse, he has found himself at the Fairfax offices on this bright winter morning consoling a journalist nursing a broken heart.

Happily, Sivan revels in the role of agony aunt. The teen YouTuber turned global popstar receives thousands of messages from fans, including many young people struggling with their sexuality and asking for advice. But Sivan reckons he is “most effective” one-on-one.

“That’s where I [can] look at that person and be like, I see you, I see what you are going through, I’m proud of you of getting to the point you have gotten to, and keep going,” he says. “Everything is eventually going to be all right.”

It’s far from the last bit of counselling Sivan will do throughout our hour together. And it’s fitting that this slight, unassuming, Perth-raised 23-year-old should become a mentor – because Troye Sivan is undoubtedly killing it at life.

Read the full interview on the Sydney Morning Herald website

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